Practicing Survival Skills

Survival skills are essential techniques that an individual can employ in order to survive in any kind of hostile environment or constructed setting. These techniques are intended to give basic needs for human survival that include food, water, and shelter in the case of emergency. This means that any kind of circumstance that requires the use of these techniques must be taken seriously.

Some of the most common survival skills include sheltering and eating. Shelter is essential to sustaining life as it provides protection from both heat and rain, as well as from other elements. Individuals who utilize shelters to keep from getting wet and cold while still retaining some kind of a comfortable temperature are said to be more successful in a variety of survival situations. Those who are capable of developing and maintaining appropriate shelters are also capable of eating properly to maintain their health.

A third survival skill involves being able to purify water. The use of a filtration system to purify water can be necessary for individuals who live in harsh conditions where tap water is not safe to drink. It is also possible to purify water by boiling it or by using a pressure washer to remove solid particles from it. However, those who lack access to water purification systems may use the skill of making and storing a variety of edible plants in order to make water a part of their daily routine.

Making and growing edible plants is one of the simplest survival techniques to practice. In fact, it can be very easy to do and can even be fun. The basic survival skills involved in this process include observation and knowledge of what types of edible plants can be grown in specific circumstances and how much can be grown in a particular space. It also includes knowledge of which plants are generic suited for different survival situations and when to place them in order to maximize productivity.

One of the best ways to start practicing basic survival skills with plants is to grow your own food. In order to do this you will need to make a compost heap in your backyard. You will need to ensure that the soil is very good prior to planting anything, but do not worry too much about soil condition as long as you have access to potable water. Once you have successfully created your compost heap you will want to make use of it to produce food that can be stored in Tupperware containers until it is needed. This is the ultimate emergency food storage technique as it does not require refrigeration and can be stored for quite some time before needing to be eaten.

The final basic survival skill to practice in your backyard is putting together a lean-to shelter. Lean-to shelters offer an excellent alternative to traditional shelters. They offer the advantages of being extremely portable, requiring much less space, and they can easily be erected in almost any open space without the use of heavy materials such as poles and nails. In fact the greatest limitation of a lean-to shelter is probably the amount of space it requires, so if you live in a relatively small home you can definitely take advantage of this type of space blanket.

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