Math Games For Kids

These are the best games for kids to play! These four free games for kids are all educational, yet fun at the same time! With these games, you’ll help your kid to improve at home while having fun at the same time! Your child will have fun learning while enjoying themselves at the same time.

ABC Board Games – This is one of the most popular free games for kids that a lot of parents like to get their kids involved with. Basically, all you do is match the letters of the alphabet to their matching value on the board. You have a choice of ten different colors when you make your choice, so there is a wide variety of colors to choose from. The math part of this game is easy because all you have to do is match up the numbers correctly. The only thing is you have to stay involved until the parent account finishes!

Color Me Up – This one is definitely geared towards the younger crowd. In this fun flash game, your child must color the various animals in several different categories, such as cars, trucks, planes, etc. There are also a lot of levels to this one as well. All you have to do is drag your mouse over the various animals and watch them turn from color to color. The harder the level is, the better the graphics get. The Microsoft iTunes app store comes with over 2500 pictures and animations of different animals, so this one should actually keep your kids entertained for quite some time.

Numbers Game – Do you remember the days when you had to sit by the numbers on the chalkboard? If not, this is a great game for kids to play because it forces them to stay involved with the activity. They will have to count the various numbers from one to fifty. This one will help them learn how to count properly.

Ads Free – This one requires an internet connection, so you may need to have one readily available to play along. There are a few different ad placements available, so it’s recommended that you explore all the options before settling on a specific one for your kids. There are also some additional paid features that can be used, which includes ads that pop up while you are playing math games. Again, it’s recommended that you explore all of the options, since some of them may be a little too distracting for younger kids. Click here for more information about จีคลับ.

These are just a few of the math games for kids that are available to play through the free iTunes app, as well as through a variety of advertising opportunities that can be found within the games themselves. It really doesn’t matter what age your kids are, because there is a game out there just for them that they’ll really enjoy. You may even find yourself playing math with your kids, especially if they enjoy playing educational games on the Apple iPad. It’s a great way to teach your kids valuable lesson skills at a very early age, while getting them used to the interface of the new device as well.

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