Manicure Stands

Manicure tables are a common accessory at most beauty salons. Manicurists use them to get their clients to relax and give them tips on manicures and pedicures. Manicure stands out as the best way for a stylist to show off their talents and get their customer’s attention. In addition to using a table to display their services, a manicure station is an excellent and inexpensive way to do it.

Manicure Stands Manicurists typically need portable manicure tables in order to properly place their clients in order to safely and comfortably manage the many different tools and supplies that the job requires. Manicure stations come in different sizes and dimensions. Manicurists typically use standard-sized Manicure Stands, but smaller-sized Manicure Stands can be a better choice for venues that do not have a large amount of space.

Manicure Table Storage Manicure tables with storage cabinets are a great investment for salon owners. Manicure stations with built-in storage allow salon owners to easily store supplies and even showcase nail color shades and tips. Some tables even have additional storage for accessories such as acrylic nail polish remover. Manicure tables with storage are generally sold in sets of four, but larger manicure tables with multiple storage areas are available. Many of the built-in storage systems include removable drawers that can be used for extra storage or to showcase special supplies.

Pedicure Stands Manicure tables with built-in pedicure stations are a popular purchase for salon owners who teach nail technicians how to manicure and clean feet. Pedicure station tables typically have one or two storage drawers that are large enough to hold manicure equipment, including manicure tables, scissors, nail files, and brushes. Some salon desks include storage drawers that can be used to house other items such as acrylics and polish removers. While pedicure stations are commonly found in salons with high-end clients, they are also available to customers who own small and medium-sized beauty shops.

Manicure Tables With Drawers are a worthwhile investment if you regularly give pedicures. Not only do these tables allow you to keep supplies organized, they are also useful for showcasing nail files, nail tips, and other grooming supplies. Built-in, under-mounted, or drawer-mounted drawers are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes, depending on the size of your salon. Let us know more information about nail desk.

Adjustable Chairs Although most people think of adjustable chairs when they think of medical and health care facilities, they can also make great manicure table features. Many new tables feature built-in adjustable chairs that can be raised or lowered by the push of one button. For maximum versatility, make sure your manicure table desk has at least one, and preferably two, adjustable chairs. These will allow your stylists to work in different positions, and also give you more options for rearranging your clientele. Built-in adjustable chairs are also more secure, which is important for salons with a high volume of walk-ins.

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