Tips for Choosing and Buying a Basketball Hoop

A backboard is simply a piece of basketball equipment used to support a Basketball hoop. It’s a weighted vertical board with an attachment known as a basket comprised of a net attached to a rim, usually with a textured surface. It’s made of either a hard, firm, or flexible piece of material, most commonly either Plexiglas or polycarbonate. A backboard can be made of wood or of metal and is typically painted white to prevent damage during play.

Some basketball hoop models actually come pre-assembled. They come with a rubber rim that will conform to your particular measurements for regulation height and all the parts that go with it such as the basket, hoop, rebound, legs, and handle. These units allow players to get up and down the court quickly which, in turn, makes it much easier for them to move the ball around the court. However, if you want a simpler unit that you only have to assemble yourself, you’ll find that there are some hoops that come as kits. They’re usually smaller than regulation size but still big enough for two players.

A regulation hoop is typically no taller than ten feet high. Most often these hoops are either one or two feet wide which makes them perfect for a small backboard. The hoops that are meant for regulation size basketball are built on a high platform that is usually four by six feet or even five by eight feet in height and, of course, made of solid, heavy glass or aluminum. The backboard is usually a standard size and comes in many colors such as red, blue, black, silver, or white. Many have lights or fans built into the basket to increase the intensity of the light.

There are also basketball hoops that are designed to be larger than regulation. Some of these are ones with a three-point line while others feature a four-point line. There are even hoops with a net that is fifteen feet high. However, if you want a hoop that is no taller than ten feet tall, you can buy a simple, light weight set which will still give you the bounce that you need for an effective shot.

You can also change the basketball hoop’s height on your own by changing the backboard. Some backboards have a pre-installed height that will fit most standard size hoops but if yours is not this size or standard, then you will need to order a backboard to be the exact height as the hoops that you have. You can purchase a basketball goal with a pre-made backboard which you simply add to the hoops. This gives you the ability to increase your height if you need to and can make an otherwise unattractive goal look even better.

If you have a very high basketball hoop that you want to increase its height, then buying a tempered steel basketball board may be the best option for you. A tempered steel backboard has proven to increase the height of a basketball hoop by three feet. This may not seem like much but if you are playing basketball at an off-campus college or in an indoor facility, a higher goal may mean the difference between a winning or losing game. Having a basketball hoop that is higher also means that you will have better chances of hitting the ball at an optimum height. This will make all the difference in your ability to score baskets at the line.

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