The Top 10 Free Online Games

Fun online games are a great way to pass the time and provide entertainment for millions of people all around the world. Fun online games are usually categorized into action, adventure and simulation. Most online gaming websites offer a wide variety of free games that anyone can play. There are many categories to choose from and everyone is sure to find the one they enjoy the most. These games can be played in single player and multi-player versions.

Online Team Building Games: Online team building is basically the intentional generation of friendly relationships through interactive media such as internet and social networks. Examples of these fun online games are Online Office Games, Spreadsheet Wars and Virtual Charades. Most of these games are easy to pick up and the interface is generally simple. Most websites also offer leader boards and chat rooms to further enhance the fun aspect of these games. They may also incorporate elements of luck and strategy into them to make the whole experience more interesting. Learn more about

Escape Rooms: Escape rooms are some of the best and most fun online games that you can play with other players over the Internet. Players work together to solve puzzles and to survive different levels. To start a room, players are required to sign up. Then they start to create their very own virtual maze in which they will have to escape. Different rooms are available for varying difficulty levels and players are encouraged to try those with the highest rating.

Old School Runescape: If you are fond of old school computers, you would definitely love playing Old School Runescape. This fun online game is set in the world of Runescape, one of the best old school MMORPG games. Players work together to build an empire by working in teams to do quests and fight monsters. The game is very addicting, since it can give you hours of enjoyment. The graphics are very nice and the game has many powerful enemies as well.

Icebreaker: During game night, you and your team members get a sheet of paper and a pen. You must write down something on this paper like a question or a problem before your next game night. For example, “Who do you want to work with for your team?” The first person to complete the question is the winner and receives a prize.

Lexulous: All your efforts are rewarded when you team up with Lexulous, the Charms Man. Lexulous allows you to spend one point each day and receive a free item from her. Each item does not have any value except for the fact that you have worked with him in the past to accomplish something.

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