Termite Inspection and Repair – Are the Experts Accurate?

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If you have been paying for termite services, you probably are getting what you pay for. Termite treatments are still not guaranteed, despite the billions of dollars invested each year around the world. The vast majority of those investments are lost due to improper treatments. Termite treatments can be highly effective, but only when performed by trained professionals using the latest technology. However, you may still be paying for something that is not effective.

Termite treatments include insecticides, baits, sprays and other products that do not work. The only thing that does work is the use of insecticide bait. If you are getting termite services from a company, check with them about the availability of the insecticides they use. Many companies require that you purchase the insecticides from them. Others will supply a label that allows you to determine that you are purchasing pesticide-free, eco-friendly pest control.

Termite inspections should never be done by untrained people without the proper training. Anyone who performs Termite Inspections should receive a certificate of completion from one of the following sources: NGA, Pest Management Companies of America or Pesticide Masterers. If they do not have a certification, ask them if they are able to produce one. If they cannot, then find another termite services customer that can offer a certification. A good Termite Inspector will have no problem at all, providing this certification.

The third area where Termite Inspectors differs is in their approach to treatment. While some exterminators will focus solely on baiting or pesticides, others will also use techniques to detect termites before they become a problem. These include Termite Camera inspections, Termite Tracking and Smell Testing. Termite Inspectors who has received the proper training in each of these areas should be able to provide an inspection that is effective and provides satisfactory results for their customers.

If you want to get a quality 10 (tenth) termite inspection from a Termite Inspector who has received the proper training and has the necessary experience, do not hesitate to ask for a critique. You should expect the inspector to ask a series of questions designed to determine the severity of your termite problem. If you receive a single question that is not helpful, or if you receive no useful critique at all, select another Termite Services customer without any hope of getting a quality ten (or lower) inspections. The cost of getting such a Termite Inspection by a professional is much less than the cost of treating a severe termite infestation.

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