Sansevieria combines the exotic with a bit of the familiar

Don’t douse the Mexico native with too much water because “”its stems work off its reserves,”” says Nejman. Featuring special offers, promotions, tips for more successful growing and previews of new plant introductions. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg founded Houseplant to thoughtfully design beautiful products for their favorite plant. Our Housegoods were designed for people who love things that are as beautiful as they are useful.

Another great option that can grow without soil, simply place the bamboo in a vase full of water, with some pebbles or coins at the bottom . Then, all you have to do is replace the water once a month. There are a few things that can take your home to the next decor level, whether you’re an interior design master or still use the same furniture you shared with your college roomies. Maybe you just spent hours on Pinterest or have been wanting to want to create a more relaxing bedroom to retreat to at the end of your day. Whatever your reason, adding more green, luscious leaves to your home can be a great way to freshen up your place and create a calming environment. Nostalgic and modern, like records or high-waisted pants, it’s designed to hold ashes and the things that create those ashes.

With their vertical leaves shooting up from plant pots like a group of green swords, Sansevieria combines the exotic with a bit of the familiar. Snake plants are low maintenance Kamerplanten in pot that only need to be watered sparingly. From indoor trees to bathroom plants and kitchen plants to bedroom plants, there’s an easy-care houseplant here for just about everyone. Novice gardeners and pro gardeners alike will appreciate some of the more out-of-the-way picks on our list .

Seasonally wet forestsIn contrast to the tropical rainforests, the alternately moist or rain-green forests have rainy and dry periods. The species found there are adapted to these dry periods and have growing and resting periods. Successful maintenance of these species requires that these rest periods are observed. Within that limitation, there are houseplants which are native to many different types of habitat. The expansion of European colonialism brought Europeans into contact with a wide variety of new plants, especially tropical plants more suited to growing as houseplants. Explorers and botanists brought over 5,000 species to Europe from South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Living spaces of new or renovated homes with new floors, walls, carpets, etc. Adding plants to hospital rooms speeds recovery rates of surgical patients, according to researchers at Kansas State University. DISCUSSION – For general discussion of houseplant-related topics.

Cooler rooms that remain at or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit will also extend the life of these Northern European natives. Here are 17 of the best houseplants that are harder to kill and look great in any room. Place this beauty by a curtained window, protecting new leaves from extra sun. One of many sansevierias, the snake plant is tough to kill. Officially called the Beaucarnea recurvata, the slow-growing ponytail palm likes basking in a sunny window.

In ancient China, potted plants were shown at garden exhibitions over 2,500 years ago. Living in your super sunny home may be nice and all, but if it makes you feel like you can’t have indoor plants without frying them, think again. Philodendrons crave tons of sunlight, so they’ll thrive in your well-lit summer home (or, regular home if you’re lucky!). Some people don’t like the boho chic vibe of extremely leafy plants, and if you’re one of them, you’ll love this compact rubber tree. It needs plenty of bright light and likes to have lots of empty space around it .

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