Rose and Glass Dome Display Set Offs Your Display Room

The Rose and Glass Dome are a spectacular addition to any home, office or retail location. It can easily take the place of conventional, open-air entryways that are typically associated with malls. It is also very useful for providing adequate lighting for an area where it is difficult to install standard outdoor lights. It fits nicely into the residential space and offers a unique combination of attractive ceiling materials and architectural elements.

The Rose and Glass Dome are made from tempered glass so it is more secure than other glass ceiling designs. It features two glass panels that articulate together in the middle, enabling the structure to maintain its structural integrity even when weight is applied to it. The design uses a unique double-tiered design, allowing for the expansion or contraction of its panels. The design utilizes two metal support poles to help keep the structure stable. This design also helps to conserve energy since it has no center support structure.

This design is completed using a variety of materials. One of the most common materials used is sheet metal. Other popular materials include steel, sheet metal and acrylic. When combining the different materials, a beautiful effect is created. Most people prefer the look of a modern dome while others prefer the simple elegance of the rose and glass design.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Rose and Glass Dome is the color of the glass. Each glass panel is hand colored by a professional installer. The colors are blended evenly throughout the entire piece. These designs are offered in clear, amber, green and blue glass styles. The amber glass option is especially popular, since it is easy to clean.

The overall design elements are comprised of four primary elements. These elements are the curved edge panels, the two metal support poles, the two roundels and the glass rose. All four of these design elements work together to create an elegant display. The Rose and Glass Dome can be purchased with the installation of clear plastic flaps that allow full access to all of the four design elements. Visit to understand what chances you have.

In addition to the display itself, the Rose and Glass Dome also include a shelving unit. This shelf can be found in two different sizes. The larger size is designed for the storage of books and manuals while the smaller version is perfect for hanging clothing. The two metal slats that hold the books in place are designed with grooves. This allows for easy access to the various sections of the Rose and Glass Dome.

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